Feb 29-Mar 3, 2024

Interactive Floor Plan & Exhibitor List

Plan Your Visit with the Interactive Floor Plan!

To start, use the menu on the left to see a full list of Exhibitors (alphabetical), highlight booths in specific categories, or see special sections of the show, like the Garden & Art Market. Clicking on a specific exhibitor in the list will automatically zoom right to their booth, and clicking on a category will highlight all the booths in that category.

You can use the slider on the right to zoom in and out. Click and drag on the aisles (when the cursor becomes a hand) to move around within the floor plan.

Best of all, you can add exhibitors to your list and plan your visit to the show! Just click on a booth to see details about that company, and click the Gold Star in the upper right of the window to add them to your list.

Floorplan not loading below? Click Here to view full screen.